Hanging with the Cousins

Even under typical Pacific Northwest cloudy skies we had a great time visiting family in Washington over Memorial Day Weekend. William loved exploring all the new locations especially now that he is walking and can check everything out himself. He was pretty taken with the play house at Adriel and Lauren’s and loves the porch at my parents where he can push around all the different toys. The parties started on Saturday with Lauren’s Birthday! Extra cake was on the menu. We followed that up with a little more celebration for William’s 1st birthday. He got a little help checking out his gifts from Audra and Johanna. He loves the new books and carries around the doggies from the barn set from Grandma and Grandpa. There were aunts and cousins galore to spoil him. Sunday was a special treat when we all got to go out to the Cabin and join my Aunt Liz, cousin Maggie and her family. It was so fun to see another generation enjoying the beach and roasting s’mores. Mom got to launch her new kayak and from the smiles I think she likes it. I got to take it out and gave each of the kids a ride. William wasn’t too sure at first but settled in. He really likes throwing rocks into the water though his range is so short he mostly just walks right in and drops them which makes for some wet pants and shoes. There was so much action for Will to take in the whole weekend (starting with the plane flight) that he had trouble napping. He just wanted to be part of it all!

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  • June 1, 2015 at 3:57 pm

    What a fun trip…now just make another so we can play with the little climber!

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