Happy 2nd Birthday, William!

We love our little boy and can’t believe how big he is getting. William is a loving older brother who loves to gives hugs, kisses, high fives and fist pumps. His favorite thing to do is to move. It doesn’t matter if its chasing a ball, blowing bubbles, racing his cars or just take his dog for a walk. It only takes him watching something once to figure it out. He isn’t much of a talker yet but his expressive body language, facial expressions and signs make him quite the communicator. William makes friends wherever he goes and keeps us laughing.

We’ve had fun celebrating his birthday from cinnamon rolls for breakfast and lasagna for dinner. He is proudly sporting his new sports shorts and t-shirt and we enjoyed a couple of hours at the pool in the morning. He couldn’t wait to check out his presents from the grandparents. We were sad to not have either be here in person but enjoyed facetime and skype visits. There was a sports theme to the presents with lots of basketball gear. Will has some pretty fierce slam dunk skills! Dave and I are working on our mechanical engineering degrees with all the assembly required. I managed to find the right spot for all 54 stickers for the car garage and we only had one left over washer from the chair and table from Grandma and Grandpa Mulder. William couldn’t handle the wait for Dave to fit together the new slide from Grandma and Grandpa Butler and kept using the basket even before it was put together. Unfortunately it’s snowing again so he had to play on it in the basement instead of the yard.