Happy 4th Birthday William!

William has been so excited to turn 4! He is such an amazing little boy that is growing so quickly. He continues to be a very kind, loving, responsible child who likes to get things right. He is extremely athletic and figures out new “tricks” to show off on his bike. He can’t get enough of taking care of his baby brother Nate and loves to play with his “best buddy” Josh. We’ve seen so much social and emotional growth this year. I can feel like he’s talked my ear off most days but it is so cool to listen to him processing new information.
We spent a whole weekend celebrating. It started with him taking in treats to share with his preschool class. He was so proud to finally get to be the birthday boy but a little shy about it too. Then we headed to CO Springs to get ice cream at Whit’s End, take in a baseball game and fireworks, stay at a hotel with a pool, and visit the Cheyenne Mt. Zoo. Everyone has a great time and the smiles on the boys faces weren’t just for the camera. I think the fireworks were Will’s favorite part but Josh’s was definitely feeding the giraffes.
It’s not really a birthday until the cake, ice cream and presents appear. We continued the baseball theme with the cake and one of his presents was a metal t-ball bat so he can hit real baseballs. We wrapped up the weekend with some fishing at a new location to try out his new pole. I can’t wait to see what is in store for William in the coming year and pray that he knows how loved he is.