Happy Easter from Denver

Happy Easter, He has Risen! I hope everyone had a wonderful day celebrating Jesus rising from the dead. Linnea surprised us all this morning with Easter baskets. Even one for Joshua. William was eating chocolate by 7:30a. It was a packed morning at Church with lots of trumpet playing (3 of us) and the service came together really nice. Afterwards, we went over to the Schappa’s for dinner. William loves playing with Brody and Quinn. Brody was excited to play too, thanking God during the dinner prayer that “crazy William” could come over and play. William does get extra energetic and crazy, running after the kids making wild screaming noises. It’s warming up outside again and we did an egg hunt for the kids in backyard. It didn’t take William long to catch on and Brody made sure his basket was full. Now it is back home for a lite R&R.

Yesterday, we spent a good chunk outside playing in more fresh overnight snow. Hopefully it is the last of it! William is getting more brave on the sled and loved sitting in his fort. He’s decided he is a little mechanic too, insisting on rides on my “creeper” cart.