Happy First Birthday, Nathanael!

Nathanael is such a bundle of energy and loves to be in the middle of everything. His favorite game right now is to roll a ball back and forth with his older brothers. When he isn’t getting into every toy bin and cupboard you’ll find him crawling like crazy and probably making a bee line for stairs to climb. He has the most expressive facial expressions complete with some incredible eyebrow raises and furrowed forehead. He is working on perfecting the pouty face and cry and has no problem using his very loud voice to ask for more food or to be picked up. After teasing us for months, he is truly walking, able to clap, wave, high five and points at everything of interest. He calls for both “ma ma” and “da da”.

His older brothers were so excited to celebrate this special guy, Big Nate, that we sang Happy Birthday from the moment they got up. The first thing they said to anyone we saw throughout the day was that it was Baby’s birthday. They couldn’t wait to have his party! They helped me decorate and we had a special dinner with calls to grandparents and lots of cake and ice cream. After rather anti-climatic 1st birthday cakes with the older two (Will liked cake but didn’t want to get messy while Joshua is not really into sweets) Nathanael dug into his cake like there was no tomorrow. Make sure to watch the video. I’m still smiling about him happily munching his way through that cake. He had lots of help opening his presents and started to get into the excitement. From camping and biking gear to balls, airplanes and musical instruments he loved it all. Happy Birthday, Big Boy.

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  • March 10, 2019 at 10:22 am

    Thanks for the excellent report & very fun pics! Impressive and 1-yr old friendly cake. Wish we were there! Thanks be to God for all his gifts!!!❤️🎂 Grandma M.

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