Happy First Birthday!

A little visit to the zoo and dinner

We were blessed to have Grandma and Grandpa Mulder fly in to help celebrate William’s 1st Birthday. We wasted no time in starting the party and met them directly from the airport at the zoo for a picnic lunch and fun afternoon. In spite of the hoards of school children on field trips we were able to enjoy a couple of training sessions with the spotted hyenas and the sea lion plus a carousel ride. William wasn’t so sure about the carousel but loved pointing at the animals all of whom are “doggies.” We rounded out the day with a great dinner on the porch as the weather cooperated and didn’t storm.

Let the real fun begin

For the rest of the evening William was in his glory, loved being the center of attention, showered everyone with smiles and laughter and didn’t have any siblings or cousins to compete with. He couldn’t decide what was more fun, climbing on the boxes, opening the presents or playing with each new toy. From bats and balls to cars, books and clothes he was thoroughly spoiled. The pictures can’t quite capture the brilliance of his smile and he had snuggles and hugs for David’s teddy bear made by Great Grandma Van Antwerpen.
The biggest hits of the evening seemed to be the toys that help him move. The lawn mower from Great Grandpa Marvin was put to good use and that little smarty pants figured out how to pull the starter cord just by watching us do it a couple of times. The Radio Flyer trike from Grandma and Grandpa Mulder took a little assembly but when it was finally ready for its maiden trip William was ready to drive. His legs are just a little short to push himself though at the rate he’s growing that will be taken care of in a couple of weeks. In the mean time he’s pretty inventive about ways to push it around.
We were wondering how William was going to enjoy his cake since he has been very choosy about what he’ll eat lately and this would be his first chocolate. He liked the blue frosting best and loves ice cream. And as you can tell he did have fun playing with the cake though I’m not sure how much he really ate since he quickly started to “share” cake bites with Grandpa. Apparently, silly string was just too much for him though David enjoyed having a can to celebrate with.

It is hard to believe a whole year has passed but we are so thankful for a happy, healthy growing boy who’s eyes light up when he smiles and whose best friend is his dog. He loves playing outside and laughs in delight when daddy comes home. He still likes to snuggle, especially after naps and can’t get enough of walking and exploring.