Happy Halloween

Sugar, sugar, and more sugar. The boys are still running high thanks to giant sized pixie sticks and liberty blue mountain dew. What a weekend. Due to Jeffco’s increased covid restrictions, trunk or treat was cancelled at the last minute but Halloween was still on for us, masks and all. William won for creativity this year being a red-tailed hawk, complete with real feathers, while Josh was a velociraptor, and Nathanael a little monster.

A family from school joined us, and the boys were super excited to run from house to house with their friends. I was just happy not having to ring door-bells or yell trick or trick as together they were not shy! Weather was perfect this year and warmer than years past. It took us a few houses for us to realize that some people were leaving bowls out with signs. We would stand on the street as the boys went to the front doors acting confused when nobody answered. Maybe a few less lights on this year, but those that were one were really nice. A lot of decorations, graveyards, zoombies, smoke machines, and even some talking heads! Also, a lot of people filled plastic bags with candy, giving the boys quite a haul. We extended our normal loop a little and made it for maybe 2 hours.

Between all the excitement, sugar, and daylight savings time, today was quite the day. We made it out for a quick hike up the Lyon’s back after church. It’s always a little hard to get the boys motivated to hike, but once they are out there and going, they have a blast.

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  • November 2, 2020 at 6:31 pm

    What fun! Costumes were great! They did get quite the haul! Also, what beautiful blue sky for a nice Fall hike. No jackets! Green pumpkins? Love, Grandma M

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