HAPPY Independence, Anniversary, Birth DAY!

Happy Birthday David! We kicked off last weekend with a special dinner for Dave’s Birthday, deliciouse steak followed by ice cream cake. YUM. The big surprise, besides celebrating a few days early was a new bike for Dave. It’s a commuter hybrid for him to ride around town and to use for pulling the boys on some of the local trails. We’ve already taken it out for a nice ride and it works great. Here’s to another year full of adventures for Dave. Happy Birthday!

On Saturday we set off on our first camping trip of the season. It was a long drive so we broke it up a little with a nice stop in Glenwood Springs. No time for the pools but a much needed food and stretch break. Then we pushed on to our campsite at Chapman campground in White River National Forest in the mountains east of Basalt. I think this is the first time we’ve made campsite reservations here in CO but we wanted to be sure to have a spot and it turned out to be a good idea and we picked a nice site. Not river front but beautiful. We then commenced a three day extravaganza of fishing. From wading the Frying Pan river to canoeing in the lake at the campground to even launching in Ruedi Reservior it was non-stop action. Dave caught a couple flyfishing in the river including a nice brookie he kept, cleaned and cooked for me. William helped him net it and clean it. I was the only one to enjoy eating it though. At the little lake in the campground both boys got to help bring in a fish on their spin rods. Quite the experience! Joshua is already a serious fisherman. Whenever we were able to wrestle the poles out of the boy’s hands we explored the area on foot and by truck. Way too much to do so we’ll have to come back. Every night was campfire dinner and tent time which included William’s favorite part of camping which is story time. Meaning Dave either retells an animal encounter he’s had or tells a “scary” story.

After an amazing time we slowly made our way back with lots of stops and exploring via Hagerman Pass, a 4wheel drive pass back to Leadville. It did get long and bumpy but totally worth it. We made it back into town just in time for dinner and fireworks. We kept it small and legal with the rest of the neighborhood. No big shows for us this year but we did get treated to a pretty good display by Littleton and others by walking down to the open space at the end of our road.

What a great weekend of celebrating our 7th Anniversary, Independence Day and David’s Birthday.