Happy Thanksgiving!

We’ve enjoyed our first Thanksgiving in Denver. It’s been a little different not to travel to be with family (and yes we missed everyone) but we are truly thankful for the life we are blessed with here. After a nice church service on Thanksgiving morning we had dinner with the DeBoers. The food and company were excellent and it is great to have local “family.”

On Friday it was off to explore the South Park Forest and Lost Creek Wilderness. We’ve heard from multiple sources that it is a beautiful quiet area not too far from Denver. After getting our tree permit and some more advice from the Forest Service office in Fairplay we headed out to find a campsite for the night. As usual we couldn’t help ourselves had to drive all the way to the end of the road (19 miles of dirt road) with some minor exploring of side roads before settling on a campsite. There was a high wind advisory so we tried to find some shelter but felt prepared with our sturdy new palace of a tent. Will was very excited to get out of his carseat and help get camp set up.

The temperature kept dropping but armed with a good fire and lots of delicious leftovers we had a second Thanksgiving dinner.

We did snuggle in to the tent fairly early and Will insisted on having his own flashlight. He slept great and was probably the warmest of all of us especially when he snuggled into my sleeping bag in the morning. We woke to the sound of several very loud coyotes barking near the campsite and were very glad we had brought Maddy into the tent for the night. She went on high alert and was so excited she was shaking but didn’t try and break out to join her long lost cousins.

Saturday was spent searching for the perfect tree. There were so many options and areas to explore that we weren’t sure if we could ever decide but finally found a nice ridge line with a stand of blue spruce of about the right age and size. True to form Will slept through most of the hiking but woke up in time to be part of the action. He wanted right in the action and is a great supervisor. In the afternoon we took a little cross country hike to check out the Wilderness but will have to go back a couple more times to cover all the trails we found.

So the holiday season has officially begun and our Christmas tree is brightening up the front room.