Happy Third Birthday William!

We love our “big” boy William and can’t believe how much he has grown this past year. His language skills have grown dramatically and he continues to be one of the most coordinated kids his age. He is passionate and loving. He takes care of his little brother and showers love on all his family and friends. He loves anything with an engine from race cars to trains and monster trucks, baseball is the current sport of choice, and he just wants to play! We make time for lots of reading from Winnie the Pooh and Curious George to looking for Waldo and stories about Raggedy Ann and Andy.

We had quite the party weekend to celebrate starting early when a package arrived from Grandpa and Grammie B on Friday. William was so excited we couldn’t wait the “one more sleep” till his actual birthday so the John Deere tractor, truck and trailers made an appearance as we skyped with my parents. The trucks then of course had to go up to bed with him. Saturday arrived in a flurry of snow so we picked the indoor adventure option. After fueling up with extra bacon for the birthday boy’s breakfast we headed to the aquarium. It proved a busy place but impressed the boys with sting rays and sharks. Our afternoon adventures included playing in the snow and trying out a pair of second hand skis and sledding. We managed to get a few bites of pizza into the boys but even his favorite meal could hardly hold Will’s interest when there were cake and presents. Apparently for a three year old the rest is unimportant and eating cake is what it means to have a birthday celebration. Plus Will really wanted to play with the trucks I used to decorate the cake so it was basically another present. We got in a call with Grandpa and Grandma M to open the package from them and kept the party going with pin the tail and more presents. Josh kept trying to “help” with the unwrapping and checking out the new gifts but Will didn’t really appreciate the assistance. Besides all the trucks, baseball and outdoor adventure gear William also got two musical instruments and has been playing them non-stop. It is so fun seeing him enjoy music. In fact he was very upset that he couldn’t play his trumpet at church on Sunday. We ended the night watching Herbie in “The Love Bug” while playing with trucks.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for William this coming year and are so blessed to have his smiles, hugs, and laughter in our lives.