Heaton Bay with the Schappas

It was off to Frisco on Friday afternoon to join the Schappa family for camping at Heaton Bay on the Dillon Reservoir. They had picked out a sweet tent-site right on the water, and we made it just in time for campfire pies. It was great to escape the Denver heat and relax in the cooler mountain air around the campfire. We had fun swapping 14er stories and couldn’t believe how much Brody and Quin knew about all the different mountains and routes.

Little William slept great and even took a nice nap after breakfast outside in his baby basket. We enjoyed nice views of the lake, along with French toast, bacon, sausage, and coffee for breakfast. Not bad!

After deciding on a hike, we headed up Spruce Creek to Mohawk Lake. The kids where all geared up and ready for the 7 mile, 1,700′ climb. Pretty impressive for a 3 and near 5 year old. Linnea was our guide with Brody and Quinn close by.

The trail headed up a forest and small lake past several mining ruins. After a while it gave way to steeper switchbacks alongside a water fall that led to a beautiful lake (lower Mohawk) near the top.

We refueled with lunch and had no problem convincing the kids to continue on! Our final destination, upper Mohawk lake, was just up the trail with a few more rocks to scramble over. It was great to get those high elevation views again and we reached our summit around 12,150′. William slept the majority of the time, with a couple food breaks due to all the hard work getting up the trail.

We finally spotted a couple of mountain goats after seeing clumps of fur in the brush numerous times. I think Maddy was sniffing them in the wind and was in doggy heaven after she found a nice rock.

We ate our second lunch and took in the beautiful scenery. It’s great to know that we can still do hikes like this with kids in the mix and are both excited about all the new adventures around the corner.

We made good pace down the trail. The kids had ice-es on their mind and we wasted no time getting to the 7-eleven back in town. After another solid camping meal — hobo pies with roasted bananas with chocolate sweets for desert, we packed up and headed home. I had to be back for church the next day and it was pretty tough to leave after only 1 night. I guess this means William is officially broken in for camping and we are ready for some longer trips!