Coming out of Hibernation

Every year in the late Fall, I start to go into hibernation mode. This year was no exception and it usually takes a good month or two to recover from the endless summer activities. Once the snow starts accumulating and winter settles in, it is time to get things moving again. Maddy was starting to go stir crazy, so she was pretty excited to tag along on a quick trip to Berthoud Pass. Snow pack was better than I expected, and I randomly ran into two instructors from my HAMS class last year. Pretty funny to be eating a sandwich up on a ridge to see a couple faces pop out the trees that you know. It made for a fun afternoon doing laps together on a moderate slope in the trees. Let the skiing begin. Linnea is itching to get out, but to say she is limited is an understatement she doesn’t seem to understand. Maybe in the New Year we will take a few laps together at Loveland before her afternoon nap kicks in!