Impromptu Royal Gorge Visit

We found ourselves just a few miles away from the Royal Gorge on MLK weekend after changing travel plans to Salida due to a closure over Kenosha pass. Since we talked many times about seeing the bridge but haven’t made it down there yet, we had no choice but to stop and take in the sights! Luckily Grandpa and Grandma B were up for it, and we found a nice overlook before heading to the bridge. The boys did a little rock scrambling and we all tried to avoid being poked by cacti. The gorge itself was very impressive and I found myself getting a bit light headed looking down over the many drop-offs. We decided to explore more the actual park and the boys were all about riding the gondola across. For being January, the weather was great and combined with the small crowds, it was a pleasant afternoon (considering the day before was 70 mph winds and snow). The boys took over the playground on the other side and checked out a number of small locomotives complete with bells. Walking across the actual suspension bridge was pretty cool experience too. William actually looked straight down through the wooden planks and even Nathanael walked / hopped across — without any injuries! After that, we enjoyed another quick gondola ride across and back before continuing on to Salida.