Inaugural Camping Trip

After a full week with Dave back to work and no family reinforcements, this newly stay-at-home mom needed to get out.  Plus we want William to be adaptable to a life of adventure, so we ventured out for an inaugural camping trip.  We stayed close to home and just attempted one night but it still turned into an expedition. 

Saturday, we packed up and headed out Highway 285 and instead of our typical head as far from Denver as possible for the holiday weekend, took the connection towards Guanella Pass.  We enjoyed a relaxed drive and explored up Duck Creek road for lunch and a potential camping area but decided it was a little too busy (i.e. monster tent city camping, roaring quads, and continuous riffle target practice).  We then braved the impending dark clouds and took a quick hike up Abyss trail to stretch our legs. Our jaunt then took us up to the top of Guanella Pass for some great views of Mt. Bierstadt and the Sawtooth.  Someday William will be up for that hike. As the thunderstorms settled in we found a nice quiet campsite along a creek and settled in.  We made the best of a rainy evening that eventually turned to a snowy evening and even managed our first campfire of the season. Never a dull moment, a big moose even walked by on the road near the edge of our site.  Maddy did her scariest low growl but was more interested in warming her backside by the fire. Thanks to Grandma Butler we have a little portable crib for William to sleep in and nice curtains for the back of the truck.  With a little ingenuity and lots blankets we all got some sleep in spite of it being the wettest of our four Memorial Day camping trips in Colorado. Thanks William for being such a trooper.

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  • May 26, 2014 at 11:57 am

    You guys are amazing!! Way to go to the new mommy and daddy for not letting a little one keep you from what you guys love. Little Will has some awesome parents.

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