Joshua Cayden, the First Hours

Born 5 lbs, 8 oz at 4:05a, both Linnea and I are extra relieved to finally see this healthy little guy arrive. What a special gift from God after the seemingly long pregnancy and all the up and downs. Linnea went in for induction Monday evening (~3 weeks early), IV drip started at 9:30p, water broke at 12:30a, things got crazy around 3a, and at 4a Joshua decided it was time and practically popped right out. Umbilical cord wrapped around lower body added for extra nervousness the last couple hours but we were fortunate to have full attention of 2 awesome doctors and multiple nurses doing what they do best. Joshua is doing great, seems to be more quiet than William was, and is content just to snuggle with his mom. Did I mention Linnea did all this without an epideral?!? William also did great meeting his new little brother and already gave him a few kisses and fist bumps.

One thought on “Joshua Cayden, the First Hours

  • January 5, 2016 at 5:12 pm

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, and praise God over and over again! Loved the initial write up, and “alive pics–” Linnea, a new mom again, baby snuggling, brothers, mother, daughter, father, David, a new dad again, expressions of great joy and relief! What a miraculous gift!
    Mom M

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