Little Ski Racer in Training

Early season snow has been exceptional this year, so on Saturday we went to Loveland to get William on skis for the first time. He was all concentration and focus as we put on all the gear. We figured it was a successful day if he even made it into the boots without a meltdown since we all know how uncomfortable those beasts can be. After some encouragement and watching everyone else, the only piece of equipment he refused to keep on were his mittens 🙂 If fact I think he got a kick out of the goggles. Though it wasn’t all smiles he did an amazing job and was a brave, tough boy. With some encouragement and lots of demonstrations by his Daddy, Will decided he was ready to give it a try. He immediately started to shuffle his feet to walk and hopped right on the magic carpet for a ride up the slope. He worked so hard and managed three laps right off the bat. After a lunch break and nap while Dave got some quality turns in he even gave it another try and seemed to like the gliding feeling. He was so hungry by dinner time that he demolished 2 and 1/2 pieces of pizza.