Memorial Day at Camp Hale

We made our way to Camp Hale this year for Memorial Day, the once training grounds for the 10th Mountain division during WWII and a while after. It was about a 2.5 hour drive and after quick stop in Leadville and stretch at local train-yard, we made the final stretch and arrived at the campground. The setting was beautiful, complete with stocked fishing pond and wide open valleys. Overall the campground was quiet and small with a couple of creeks flowing nearby down the valley. We enjoyed talking to the campground host who informed us he rode the abandoned railway on his home-built rail-car. The boys spent most of their time riding their bikes, playing with their monster trucks, walkie-talkies, and of course fishing. Nathanael did great and seems to like the fresh mountain air. It got down into low 40s / high 30s at night, just cold enough for our heater to kick on periodically. We explored the area some and wandered around one of the old artillery ranges.

Funny story fishing, Maddy unknowing scared up a big beaver. Joshua was busy ‘fishing’ near the outlet stream when this frantic beaver waddled up as fast as it could and did a huge splash into the pond all about 5 feet away from Joshua. He was so focused fishing I’m not sure he even knew what happened. We all couldn’t believe the crazy sight and had a good laugh when the beaver swam safely away. Later we noticed a huge wedding event just down the road with tons of security and heard number of helicopters later at night. I just figured it was some wealthy Vale folk. Turns out that was pretty accurate as I read later that VP Pence came in for a family friends wedding that day! We returned to Denver late Sunday afternoon, complete with its own adventure due to a huge hail storm on I-70. Luckily I don’t think we sustained any damage and arrived home just in time for a 10 minute break before the storm hit again.

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  • June 5, 2018 at 3:24 pm

    Thanks for the fun report! Looks fun and beautiful!
    Mom M

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