Memorial Day Camping with the Boys

What a great start to the summer and first time camping with both boys!

Dave took off Friday and in spite of some cooler, stormy weather we headed up to Twin Lakes Reservoir. We managed to set up camp between the snow flurries and enjoyed a campfire dinner. William couldn’t contain himself, he was so excited about camping, sleeping in a tent and going on animal hunts. He was full of loud yells and running round like crazy. The highlights included fishing the lake, fishing the creek, a nice hike, a drive up Independence Pass, seeing mountain goats, and watching kayakers and rafters on the Arkansas. William played super hard at camp from digging in the dirt to baseball and soccer. He got a kick out of sending Dave after the soccer ball after he’d kick it down the hill. He is learning how to fish but also spent quality time throwing rocks and scrambling on the boulders along the shore. I’m quite impressed with his balance and rock skills. He’s going to be a water boy too if his excitement at watching the rafters is any indication. He kept asking to see more!

Joshua did great as well. He had a touch of pink eye which adds the challenge of getting in eye drops and trying to stay clean but he was a trooper. I’m seriously considering living in a tent all summer based on how well he slept. Not a peep out of him from dusk till dawn. I had to check on him to convince myself he was okay. Besides the fresh air I think he just likes sleeping next to us. We had to keep him bundled up the first day but he did great in the front carrier and thought the rocks Will collected for him were pretty fun toys.He has found his voice and chats away with you.

We kept it short and came back on Sunday but enjoyed the Commerce City Parade on Memorial Day. There were skydivers to kick off the event and we found a good spot along the route. William liked the big trucks and the horses but thought the best part was collecting and eating all the candy that was thrown. As you can tell from the picture of me and the boys Joshua loves his big brother and smiles and laughs at him.