Memorial Day Picnic in Olympia

For Memorial Day, we had a relaxing morning and then headed out to a park just outside of Olympia for a barbecue picnic. After watching from a distance John battle it out with a group of local hippies for one of the pavilions and stoves, we found a nice spot up on the hill. The weather was actually pretty nice for Washington standards and we walked down to check out “the beach.” For dinner, we grilled up hot-dogs, sausage, and hamburgers and washed them down with old-fashioned root-beer. This was topped off with most amazing caramel stuffed brownies by Lauren, also warmed up over the grill. That was enough to set-back my Rainier training a couple days! The kids all had fun running around and we enjoyed a relaxing evening, with the aunts and grandparents looking after William.

On Tuesday, we were due to return back to Denver, but not after a nice morning at house. William really loved running all around the porch and checking out the neighbors animals. We drove up to Bremerton and caught the car ferry up to Seattle. The sun actually made an appearance and just above the clouds Rainier peeked out. William was so tired from the long weekend that he would have slept through the whole ride if I had not woke him up. In Seattle, we walked through the market, of course checking out the fish-tosing and getting some fresh roasted nuts. For dinner we actually went to the same restaurant my folks and the Butler’s met at before our wedding; a very nice treat. That sure seems like a long time ago. In the airport, William found his energy again and quickly decided he wanted to check out the special golfing green set up to promote the US later in June. Thankfully he was out-like-a-light for flight back and we all made it back in one piece!

One thought on “Memorial Day Picnic in Olympia

  • June 4, 2015 at 8:14 am

    Loved the beautiful pics from Mem. Day weekend! What a fun time for the Butler family and the cousins!! It also looked like everyone enjoyed relaxing together, with many smiles! The outdoors looked so enjoyable, with cozy fires. I was looking for a little red/pink beany cap on Wm. The deck at Butlers looked like a beautiful coffee setting. Dave, maybe you and Linnea should consider adding a plexi/glass barrier on the top of your deck railing! The ferry/ restaurant/Seattle/ market brought back many fine and precious memories. Thanks, with a bit of jealousy, and lots of love, Mom M.

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