Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas! We made the drive to Holland, MI this year. After celebrating with presents on Thursday in Denver (post coming), we made the drive starting early Friday morning at 4 am. We had a near perfect weather window in between storms and made record time, arriving just under 18 hours. If it weren’t for a rolled semi with pigs on the side of the road, we may have made 17. The Haveman’s arrived from OK about one hour later at 1 am. On Saturday, the Fikkert’s rolled in from WI and Doug and Robyn also arrived completing the picture. We did stockings, presents, and the black coal early since the Fikkerts were headed out on Sunday to Florida. Beth edged out Tyler for the coal due to almost missing a Christmas concert and a slew of other things. Sunday we went to Church were Grandma played the organ. Later we toke in another candlelight service where Doug played the trombone. Grandma caught Zoe’s hair on fire with a candle but luckily was able to put out the flame. Joshua also had to have a candle, and just was able to hold steady. Later in the evening we all watched the Polar Express. On Christmas day, we woke up to fresh snow and cold air outside. We had another Christmas service making 3 in two days. At home, we all had fun in the snow, watching movies, playing games, and a big, Christmas dinner.