Michigan Christmas Part 2 and New Years 2018!

Christmas in Michigan was full of different activities this year. And it was a true taste of winter for some wimpy Denverites, with cold temps and around 6 inches of fresh snow every day. One would think that things would quiet down after the Haveman’s left but the madness continued. We had fun at Doug and Robyn’s, and William could play with Zoe forever. We all joined in a birthday celebration too for Zoe at Doughnutville. The rest of the day was filled with crazy games by Grandma M and a trip to see Mingo the Monkey. Later, we braved the cold weather and icy roads to make the Mulder extended family Christmas Party. It was a fun evening catching up with everyone and a big treat as well to see Uncle Craig’s barn. The boys had a blast. Other activities in the week included going to Holland State Park, Russ’, the Outdoor Discovery Center, and even taking in a Hope basketball game. Next time hopefully Calvin is in town so William and Josh don’t get the wrong idea. On Saturday, we started the drive back to Michigan, and briefly joined up with the Haveman’s before they left for OK. The roads were bad in Michigan but lightened up around Chicago. Temperatures hovered around zero though making for fast rest trips. We made Lincoln before stopping and letting the boys get their energy out. The following day’s (New Years eve) drive also went smooth, arriving back home around 2 pm. We brought in the New Year’s with Pho food and chicken nuggets for the boys. Neither of us made the ball drop and both hit the sack around 10p. We also had a quiet New Years day, going for a short hike and picnic in the sun.

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  • January 11, 2018 at 5:30 pm

    Excellent pictures of a very good time! Thanks again for coming!!! Lake MI video was great!
    Mom M

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