Monster Jam

William and I had a blast down at Monster Jam this weekend. We went to the Saturday night show and took the train to the Pepsi Center. Good thing we arrived early as there were long lines out front. William was so excited to see all the big trucks. Luckily we remembered our ear protection because it was loud!! The show consisted of 6 events: timed speed competition, best wheelie competition, 4-wheeler racing, best doughnut competition, atv racing, and monster jam freestyle. The freestyle event was my favorite and gives each truck 60 seconds to do whatever they want. Unfortunately Gravedigger’s run got cut short due to a broken sway bar. The best trick of the night was when one of the trucks did a backwards wheelie, landing on the back two tires and standing straight up for over 5 seconds. William loved the whole show and didn’t want to leave when it ended. He really took it all in, and especially liked all the big jumps by the trucks (favorite), cars getting smashed, and the 4-wheeler racing. He was so excited from the show that he stayed awake all the way home and didn’t hit the sack until 10:30p.

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  • February 21, 2017 at 1:39 pm

    Really great pics, and lots of great Father/Son fun!
    Thanks. Mom M

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