Mud Runnin’ at Taylor Park

Well it was the big party weekend for the summer with our Anniversary, the 4th and Dave’s birthday. We started off with an early celebration of Dave’s birthday on Friday nigh so we could do an ice cream cake. Happy Birthday!!! So excited for another trip around the sun with you!

We were packed up and ready to go bright and early Saturday morning to beat any traffic and made it up to Cottonwood pass in good time to take a little hike along the divide. It was windy but fun then we dropped down the other side and started checking out Taylor reservoir. We’ve driven by several times but have never stopped so it was all new territory. Our adventures started as we tried to find a spot to launch the canoe and kayak. Unfortunately there was a little mud patch down by the shore that we got stuck in. And by stuck I mean the suburban and camper were getting sucked down into some liquid cement! Inspite of our best efforts it was sucking us down and no amount of 4wd, digging, 2x4s or rocks were getting us out. Luckily four Good Samaritans with big muscles and beer in had at 10:30am showed up and helped. They detached the camper, lifted and shoved the suburban to more solid ground then pushed the camper back out and turned around for us to go on our merry way. We were so grateful and loved that they set such a great example for our boys about how to use your own strength to help others. We felt pretty sheepish but felt a little better as we saw several other incidents of vehicles getting stuck in the mud or on rocks throughout the day.

The rest of the weekend was filled with adventures and misadventures at we enjoyed the beautiful setting. At different points we managed to almost lose the kayak as it floated out towards the middle of the lake, rolled the beached canoe onto the motor which got waterlogged so we had to paddle back across the lake, dropped a camera into the river, there wasn’t much action on the fishing front in either the lake or river and we had to pack up in between rain showers. However on the flip side there was plenty of fun swinging in the hammock, bouldering, biking, hiking, fishing, paddling and enjoying special treats. What a special time as a family to just be together. The boys are getting stronger and stronger at hiking and both the creek hikes and ridge hikes were gorgeous though the wildlife sightings were limited since even the cows were worth photographing. And so our summer adventures continue!