Mulder Family Celebration: Survivor Games

This is the Mulder Family Survivor Games where the competition is fierce, challenges are grueling, and, as our pastor would say, where the depths of human depravity are tested.

Together with the Havemans, we put together a week long competition modeled after the show Survivor. Upon arrival everyone was randomly assigned to a team by drawing a colored rock. Each day teams participated in one or two challenges to earn points for their team.

Purple Trout-Nancy, Doug, Linnea, Becca, Emily, Andrea, Joshua
Green Bears-Jim, Beth, Robyn, David, Brayden, Megan, Zoe
Orange Deer- Ron, Kevin, Sharon, James, Tyler, William

We started off with a team building, obstacle course challenge that tested each teams ability to work as a unit, communicate and overall stamina. The team was tied together and had to navigate through a variety of obstacles. They then had to untie a series of knots to release the materials to build a slingshot to knock over multiple pins. A lucky shot by the Orange teams sling shot put them in the lead and they maintained their lead through the puzzle portion to take 1st in the opening challenge. The next major challenge was a Water Relay/ 3 way Basketball game in the pool. We managed to NOT get banned from the pool and NOT get struck by lighting as afternoon thunderstorms rolled in and ended the fierce competition early. Green managed to pull out a win. The next couple of challenges tested the intellect and memory of contestants. The Purple team finally managed a win in the Word Puzzle and the Orange team, with some lucky guesses, took home the prize for knowing Grandma and Grandpa Mulder the best in the ABCD KnowledgeBowl game. The competition was really heating up as teams had to prove once again that they could work together to fill a bowl of water, stack blocks and complete a puzzle in the last relay challenge of the week. How no one was speared by a hot dog poker stick is beyond me. Green showed steady hands in the stacking portion of the race and it was enough to put them in first place and they managed to hold the lead through the puzzle portion. An Immunity/Advantage Idol was hidden in the cabin and each time it was found it gave the team in possession an advantage in the next challenge. It proved to make a pretty significant difference which made the searches for it fairly intense.

In addition to the physical and mental challenges teams also earned points by demonstrating team spirit. The Purple team upstaged everyone in this department by having a choreographed cheer with stunting, a song with harmony in falsetto by Uncle Doug and planting their flag high on Emerald Mountain. Green also showed some group effort and James put in a good effort for the Orange team. So at the end of the week the point total was a dead draw at 17 points a team.

It all came down to the FIRE BUILDING CHALLENGE.

Everyone had been warned that they would have to build fire (from flint) and there had been some half-hearted practice but now it was the key factor in pulling out a win. So there were some last ditch efforts to improve. Each team was provided a starter kit of kindling materials and flint. And at the last whole group campfire the sparks flew! Between magnesium shavings and drier lint getting a flame proved fairly easy for all the teams. Everyone scrambled to build their fire big enough to burn through their string suspended above the platform. Orange and Purple battled it out with flames leaping high until Orange’s flames proved hotter. They celebrated another challenge win and took home the prize for Team Win in the Mulder Family Survivor Challenge 2016.

No Survivor Game would be complete without Tribal Council so as the fire burned in preparation for s’mores, members of the Orange team pled their case to Green and Purple for which of them would be crowned the Individual Sole Survivor. The pregnant lady, Aunt Sharon made a weak play for it but failed to earn any votes. Uncle Kevin made some tactical arguments and Uncle Ron got pretty cutthroat in his own defense. Tyler put in a good effort and James went for the sympathy vote by spilling his Whoppers. William probably should have won the sole survivor of the Orange team since his contribution all week to the team win had been distracting his parents on the Green and Purple teams probably aiding the Orange teams good showings in challenges. In the end though James earned the most votes for his contribution in challenges and in earning bonus points for this team with a cheer and going on the hike to plant a team flag. His cousins helped him celebrate with silly string and colored hair paint.

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  • June 30, 2016 at 7:43 pm

    Loved it all, but especially the great description at the beginning of the blog! Thanks for doing all the work, and helping make wonderful memories! Love, Mom

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