Mulder Family Celebration: YMCA of the Rockies

Shout for Joy!
The Lord is good.
His love endures forever.
His faithfulness continues through all generations.
Psalm 100

We were blessed to spend a fun filled week at the YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park in an amazing cabin with all of David’s family. The idea for this get together came from spending a weekend with Mom and Dad Mulder at the Y several years ago but the original plans had to be postponed during Dad’s fight against cancer. That seems a while ago now, when we all were kept up at night with Dad coughing, Maddy pacing around, and not knowing what was wrong. So we were all extra ready to celebrate with the whole family! The setting was so beautiful and the weather was excellent.

The shenanigans started with the arrival of Doug, Robyn and Zoe who were quickly followed by the Havemans. We were relieved have the shortest travel and everyone was anxious to get settled in the Blessing Reunion Cabin. We met Mom and Dad and the Fikkerts up in Estes Park on Monday morning and the festivities got rolling quickly. Everyone had pitched in to help make it a really special occasion starting with welcome bags and t-shirts by Sharon and Emily. You could feel the excitement as we explored our cabin and the grounds. It wasn’t long before we kicked off the Survivor Game for the week but that will take a whole other post so stay tuned.

I can’t do justice in trying to describe all the activities, special moments and memories made over the week but here are a few highlights. We kept the stables busy all week. Sharon, Tyler, Robyn, Zoe, Will and I went for a one hour ride where the kids could ride double with us. Will was not a fan of the helmet and didn’t want to ride at first. By the end of the ride he was holding the reins, petting the horse and asking for more. A really special ride for me! The older kids and adults went for a two hour (one hour too long) ride in the rain. Very memorable but maybe not to be repeated. The youngest three also got to go back for a pony ride all on their own. And the whole group went on a sunset hayride complete with a s’mores stop. Will had a blast playing in the hay!

There was something to do every hour of every day. The craft barn was a hit and there are some pretty amazing artists in the group. One evening was consumed by a very competitive game of capture-the-flag. There were all kinds of games played from basketball to gaga ball and SPUD. Mini-golf was a favorite and William and Zoe could go for multiple rounds at a time. In fact, Will still asks for Zoe and wants to go golfing again. You’ve already seen some photos of the rafting trip. (Another thank you to Mom M and Sharon for watching the younger kids so we could go.) Zip-lining was another big hit along with some nice hikes and trips into Rocky Mountain National Park, even sledding off Trail Ridge!

In between the activities were quiet moments, eating at the dining room (sometimes with 1,500 other youth campers), campfires, lots of quality cousin time, family devotions, and of course daily ghost stories at night by Uncle David that resulted in a few tears and probably some wet beds.

All in all, it was a reunion for the ages. We thank God for His many blessings and an amazing family!