Mulder Family Celebration: Poudre River Rafting

With the high runoff, timing couldn’t have been much better for our rafting trip down the Cache la Poudre, one of many adventures last week during our Mulder family reunion celebration out of Estes Park. Doug, Kevin, Ron, Linnea, myself, and a guide made up one raft for “The Blast” trip down the Mishawaka Falls section. It was as good as advertised and somehow we all stayed in the boat, although a couple times a few us were close to going out. Doug and I took some brutal shots being in the front and the water was ice cold, even through the wet suits! I think Ron saved me one time by grabbing the back of my life-jacket. At one-point we rescued a couple of other rafters who fell out of their boat. As you can see, I really carried the team paddling hard through the heart of the rapids. Kevin, on the the other hand, was too busy posing for the cameras.