Nathanael Marvin, the First Two Weeks

What a whirlwind these first two weeks with Nathanael have been. After saying goodbye to the wonderful staff at St. Joe’s we headed home and got settled in. My parents were a great help and I’ve been able to rest and recover. Each day has been a little different with it’s own set of challenges but we are so thankful for a healthy growing boy who is already loved by so many family and friends. Dave has been able to take off quite a few days for paternity leave making everything a little more manageable. We are definitely back on a slow baby schedule but enjoying it too.
Some of the fun activities have been a picnic dinner at a Jeffco open space park down in Ken Caryl where rock scrambling, hiking and biking for the older boys kept them smiling. It felt great to enjoy some fresh air. We have been filling our evenings with games and the Will/Dave team has dominated the Dominos. My dad and Dave have been working on house projects one of which is finally using some of the deer antlers from our collection. It was a joint effort and the results are amazing. Now each of the boys have their own antler rack to hang in their room. We even made it to the Children’s Museum before my parents had to leave to check in on my Grandpa Marvin, who Nathanael Marvin is named after. He is doing well and we plan on celebrating his 100th Birthday this summer but he needs some extra care right now. The blessing to Nathanael coming early is that they were able to be here for his birth and also be able to head back to WA. They will come back to give us a hand again soon.
Will and Josh continue to love on their little brother and take their job of helping with diaper changes and holding him very seriously. They always want to know where he is. Will has proudly introduced him to all his friends at preschool and church. Nothing makes you realize how big your two year old is like having a newborn around and Josh seems so much older and grown up. Two big updates for Josh include that he has decided he is too old for diapers and is potty training. Not my choice of timing but don’t let me get in the way of fewer diapers! Also he has really mastered riding the Strider bike. He’s got the glide down and is starting to really move. He and Will do laps around the cul-de-sac anytime it’s warm enough.
Nathanael had a great 2wk check up. He is already up to 7 lbs. 10 oz which is well over birth weight and even takes us above the 10th percentile for all measurements. He’s passed all tests and checks with flying colors with no follow-up needed for any health concerns making him the biggest and healthiest of the three. He can sleep through anything including brothers screaming while racing around the house. He loves cuddles and will put up with tummy time if encouraged by his brothers playing at being seals. Nights are still a struggle but we are figuring it out. So if I’m rambling in this post just blame it on the sleep deprivation.
We were also blessed to have a quick visit from the Havemans on their way through to Winter Park for Spring break. Will and Josh love being spoiled by their cousins and Nathanael got to be held a little extra. Dave, Will and the crew explored the Three Sisters while I caught up on sleep. We always have crazy weather in Denver, especially in the spring, but a thundersnow storm is a little extra wild but it made for lots of hot tub, snow angel fun for everyone. And so the excitement and challenges of being a family of five begins…

Here are some photos taken at the hospital. If you see one you like we have high resolution files we can send you. I love comparing them to the ones of Will and Josh and can’t believe he was so alert.