Never Summer Adventure Race: August 15th near Kremmling

Way back in January I managed to talk Dave into trying an adventure race with me and his parents agreed to come watch the boys for us. I thought it would be fun for us to have a new challenge to do together. We had been doing some training and preparation but to be honest it was touch and go for whether the race would even be held on August 15th or not. Even after figuring out the logistics of camping and gear, grandparents being able to come, and COVID restrictions it came down to air quality three days before the race as smoke blanketed the area due to record setting fires. But it ALL came together. So we all headed out on Friday to camp along the Colorado River at Rancho del Rio for the weekend.

The Never Summer Adventure Race included trekking, mountain biking, and kayaking through BLM land. You are given a map and race instructions an hour before the race starts which provides the details you need to use orienteering skills to find all the check points you must find in the 6 hour time limit for the course. So we were up early on Saturday anxious to test ourselves against the course and the other competitors. The race started with running approximately 3.5 miles along a cliff trail above the river. One of the checkpoints was in a cave and another required at least one of the team (in this case me) to swim the river, climb the bluff, jump off a cliff and swim back across the river. After making the transition zone we headed off on our mountain bikes racing to find additional check points and an extra challenge. We were in a fairly competitive position but as we continued we had trouble finding one of the checkpoints. We persevered and after finishing the extra challenge we took some advice and went back and found it. The last leg of the race was white water kayaking in an inflatable ducky. We nailed each checkpoint and pushed to the finish. Dave got us the last checkpoint by using a fixed rope to climb and descend a dry waterfall. And after almost 6 hours of racing we Finished!

Definitely an adventure and challenge we enjoyed. Dave is already pushing for a longer course next year so stay tuned for where to find us racing again. 🙂 The boys had fun hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa M. and in spite of a rather hot, raucous campground we all enjoyed the weekend.