Party Like You’re 70

Grandma and Grandpa Butler were back in town for the first week of December to help us celebrate the holidays. Between Christmas activities and Grandpa’s 70th Birthday we found something extra fun to do each day. On Saturday we went with some friends to cut down our Christmas tree. Its fun to wander the forest service land and Aaron even got some sledding in which I think made this William’s favorite tree hunt so far. Then my parents arrived in time to help us set it up and decorate it. Putting up the ornaments that almost all have a story has to be one of my favorite parts of the season.

It’s been all “choo-choo’s” around here so on Sunday we caught the Georgetown Loop North Pole train. The lights, music, hot chocolate, cookies, Santa and most of all the train were amazing. Both boys were wide eyed and enthralled. Later in the week we also made gingerbread trains and watched the Polar Express. We read the story almost everyday and Joshua is convinced that it’s coming for him on Christmas Eve. I’m pretty sure he could care less if Santa shows up as long as he gets a ride on the Polar Express.

To celebrate my dad’s 70th Birthday we headed to Chuckecheese….yup, Grandpa wanted the boys to have as much fun as he had. We each found some game that was our favorite and Dave tried to throw his shoulder out playing a non-stop game of basketball. Double desserts was a must so both pie and cake were on the menu. Can you guess who planned the cake? Apparently William really liked his 3rd birthday cake and thought Grandpa needed the same. Thanks to a friend, we were also able to enjoy an adult only celebration at Rodizio Grill later in the week.

Finally we celebrated Christmas a little early with Disney on Ice: Follow Your Heart. Lots of fun, lights, fireworks and talented skaters. We had great seats and both boys loved the stories and costumes. That might be the longest Josh has ever sat still. So thankful to build more memories.

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  • December 18, 2017 at 7:58 am

    WOW–what a celebration! Hope I can do all that when I am 70!
    Love, Grandma M

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