First Days of Preschool

William is now going to two mornings a week of preschool at a church near our house. He absolutely loves it! From talking to the teachers from day one to the funny descriptions of his day when I pick him up, it has been a great fit for him. We are so thankful for Mrs. Susie and Mrs. Jenn. The first week of school he wanted to start going everyday. Now he’s okay with playing at home with Josh and I but definitely enjoys all the fun of preschool. It’s giving him more social skills that are helping him be more outgoing in other areas of his life. He introduces himself to others now and joins in during other group activities like story time and soccer which used to be hard for him. William loves both the special music time and the physical education time they do each week. I’m not sure which he thinks is more fun. They must dance a lot with the music because he is picking up some hip shaking moves that neither Dave or I could teach him. During gym time his favorite parts are racing his classmates. Relays this week consisted of marching feet, quiet feet, running feet etc. Based on Will’s description it must have gotten pretty competitive and wild. Life sure is fun (and funny) from a 3 year old’s perspective. Joshua loves to “help” Will with his backpack and lunchbox during drop off and pick up. They make quite the pair marching (racing… sorry, I know they aren’t supposed to run in the halls) in and out each day. Joshua is enjoying having a little bit of time to himself and I get the fun of spending one on one time with him. As you can see though, they love playing together too.

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  • October 6, 2017 at 8:39 am

    Growing up!!! Love the “Knight” shirt. And…quite the big lunch! Love, Grandma M

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