President’s Day Weekend Skiing

Not downhill, but of the cross-country variety. We finally we able to cash in on some vouchers good for Devil’s Thumb Ranch that I picked up off Groupon a while ago. We managed a 6 am start, leaving Denver behind and getting a break on the weekend traffic. The ranch, just past Winter Park, was wide open and beautiful, the perfect setting for the day with a wide range of trails. We stuck to the beginner and intermediate ones. The snow was super slick due to warm sun followed by freezing overnight. Needless to say we both took a spill going down a very long hill. The boys did the best to date in the Chariot, and William was our little navigator with the map. It didn’t hurt that there was absolutely no wind the whole day. Joshua kept on falling asleep so we extended our track and got a good 2 to 3 hours in. We came across a couple nice yurts that looked like they would be fun to stay in, something I’m sure the grandparents would enjoy. The boys had a blast exploring and we took in the mountain views over lunch. Back at the base area, Linnea traded in her traditional skis for some skate skis and made some short laps, even with the Chariot on one. I even gave them a try and was surprised at how fast you can go but balancing is another issue. Good thing we took lots of sunscreen, it sure felt like a late March Spring day.

The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet, with a campfire picnic in the backyard and a nice breakfast on Monday at IHOP before Linnea and the boy took off for Washington on Tuesday. Joshua ate all the pancakes and William polished off all the bacon.