Rainier training: Emporers, Tuning Fork, Grizzly

Emporers Couloir, 06-20-15

After a coupled canceled trips due to all the crazy Spring snow, I finally knocked out Emporers this Saturday. With 3000′ of continuous snow to the summit of Torreys peak, it makes for a great training climb and unlike the other side of the peak, does not see much traffic. After wading through several raging creek crossings, some navigation double-checks, and a little boulder hopping, I made it to the base of the coulior around 4:30a. Snow was surprisingly firm, so I donned the crampons and continued up. Near the middle, it softened up slightly but still not bad. The lower route really winds and is decievingly long. Finally I reached the upper portion just as the sun was rising. The final exit was firm and steep making for an exhilarating finish. I took the ‘easier’ climber’s right option to maximize speed and topped out around 6:45a. A few more hundred feet to the join up with Kelso ridge and final pitch and I was to the summit. We camped out in Grizzly Gulch the previous night, so Linnea drove around to the other side of the mountain where I met them coming down the standard route. William was all smiles and just loves the outdoors.

Tunning Fork, 05-30-15

Another big route on Torreys peak, and just around the corner from Emporers, this one has been on my hit list for a while now for skiing as it also offers ~3000′ of continuous snow. I managed to convince Aaron to join me, and we got off to a 6:30a start. No secret that the Tunning Fork was in, an there were a number of other people headed up. Just so happened local mountain forecaster and meteorologist Chris Tomer was leading the pack and set a solid boot pack all the way up. The climb up was grueling since I had on my back my fattest heaviest skis in my arsenal. The haul up was totally worth it though, and the skiing was amazing and did not disappoint!

Grizzly Peak, 06-06-15

A couple Saturday’s ago, we were headed to Frisco for some camping. To get some quick excersise, Linnea dropped me off on the way at Loveland Pass, 6:30a, for a quick ‘run’ up Grizzly Peak, a nice little 13er. It also offers some great veiws of Torrey’s Peak and the Tunning Fork. Maddy was excited to join me and we made the summit around 8:15a. It was another beautiful morning and I had fun face-timing my parents! We made it back down by ~9:45a and Linnea was waiting for me with William who was all smiles.