Relief Crew On Hand

Grandma and Grandpa Butler arrived just in time to help us all survive Joshua getting two more teeth. Let’s just say he’s not a happy camper, needs lots of extra distractions and doesn’t like to sleep when those teeth push through. We had a great time taking walks, playing at the Children’s Museum and enjoying the nice fall weather by exploring a new state park. William continues to be a Grandpa’s boy except when it comes to story time with Grandma. Joshua was a little intimidated by Grandpa’s beard though. Dave and I were even able to get away for two nights and enjoyed our time in Colorado Springs. Thanks for the break! Both boys are now being introduced to the world of model trains since my mom brought out the Lionel O gauge electric train that she still has from her childhood. Getting it out brings back lots of happy memories of Grandpa Harold and playing with trains around the holidays. Hopefully we’ll make many more good memories as we dust off the pieces, toot the horn and make some smoke.