Rockies and Rocky Mountain

We made it to an opening weekend baseball game for the Rockies this year and what seemed to be opening weekend for the Rocky Mountain National Park too, with free entry last weekend. For both outings, the weather was just too perfect to pass up the opportunity.

For the Rockies game, we took the light-rail down and arrived extra early to get our bobble-heads and catch batting-practice. The crowds were out in a force and the game was a sell-out. Surprisingly, there was not much home-run action in bp but some nice person still gave William a ball. William was set on getting pop-corn and we settled into our seats, upper-level right behind home-plate. The view was great for watching and both boys were engaged for a while. Joshua is all about the crowd noise and cheering, while William is starting to learn how the game is played. I couldn’t believe how many people were there and it was so busy the vendors weren’t even coming around as they were selling out everything in the concourse walkways. The game was close with the Rockies coming out on top, and we stayed the full nine innings.

For RMNP, we got off to a lazy start and made it up to Estes Park around 10a. It didn’t take long to spot some elk, with fresh antlers coming in strong. The plan was to go check out Bear Lake, but with the shuttles not running yet and our late start, parking was filled up. We did some exploring around Sprague Lake and saw a huge wild turkey. Will tried to run after it but couldn’t keep up. From there, we made our way to the Alluvial Fan for lunch. While eating on the rocks, I spotted a whole herd of big horn sheep pretty far up the mountain. We soaked in the sunshine and the boys had fun playing in the creek. We were going to head out to a waterfall for a short hike but noticed that the bighorns had head down the side of the mountain, so we headed up in hopes of a closer view. Nobody else noticed them and after a short climb, we poked around a rock bench to see the whole herd right there. The big males were clashing horns with loud thuds. Joshua would yell and William was nervous we were too close. At one point, Linnea had to run behind a tree as one seemed to be coming our way before jumping around. We enjoyed the show and after a while they all settled down and were resting in the sun. It was quite the experience and very cool that boys could see it right up close like that. Nothing could top that, besides maybe a bear eating a coyote, so we made our way home late afternoon. One last detour in Boulder for some pizza and the day was complete.