Rocky Mountain Elk, Birthday celebration, and DC

It’s been a beautiful fall here in Colorado and we finally made it out camping in RMNP. The sun was out, the boys were mostly over their colds and the elk rut was still in full swing. From our arrival in Estes Park on Saturday morning till we left on Sunday afternoon the elk made one appearance after another. There were large groups and small groups, bachelors sparring away, bulls bugling away, and cows munching away on the fall foliage. Both boys were on alert for seeing and hearing the animals and there was no shortage. As predicted evening and morning showed the most action and the large herds in Morraine meadows could even be heard from our campsite. The campground was almost full as everyone must have had the same idea about enjoying the continued warm weather. I woke up early on Sunday and just lay in the tent listening to bugling from up and down the valley. After a delicious and relaxing breakfast we all went down the the meadows and were able to walk out near a couple of herds and just sit and watch for an hour or so. Will was so entranced he sat still that long too. Of course he took his job of carrying and protecting the binoculars very seriously. Joshua was mostly grins (teething and colds do slow him down a little) and loved getting dirty while camping. He’s convinced that he should be able to kick pine cones just like his older brother even if he can’t walk yet. It was a perfect way to finish celebrating my birthday after Dave having been gone to Washington D.C. for work most of the week.

We kept things a little low key on my actual birthday but had a great time celebrating. Dave took a half day and met up for lunch at a nice Indian restaurant. Food was good and even though William wasn’t so sure about most options he definitely liked the mango custard dessert! We didn’t get to cake and ice cream until a little late because Will had soccer in the evening but it sure tasted good! I’m so blessed to have such great family and friends from across the country wishing me well. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next year.

One thought on “Rocky Mountain Elk, Birthday celebration, and DC

  • October 27, 2016 at 9:30 am

    What a lot of elk! Loved all the pics, boys and short, little legs, and fun with pine cones! So glad you were able to get out and enjoy. Needless to say, I was a little jealous. And, fun to see happiness, love, contentment on the birthday pics. I also wish I could travel to DC–and probably do more sightseeing than conference. Great landscapes! Thank you. Much Love, Mom M.

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