Romping around in the snow

It finally snowed! Almost a month later than the average first snowfall for Denver. Just in time too with Thanskgiving next week. William was so excited when he saw the first snowflakes that he started yelling and banging on the sliding glass door. He had to get all his snow gear on especially his boots! Luckily it did actually accumulate enough to play in. Joshua also seems to like the snow and stayed nice and warm snuggled in the snow suit. He even let Will pull him around in the sled.

We decided to head up to Butler Gulch on Saturday to check out how the mountains are doing. We were really hopeful and brought along the ski gear but there just isn’t enough snow up there yet. So we ended up just hiking and playing in the snow. The boys and Maddy loved it. We’d all love more snow to fall and can finally get excited about fall and the possibility of winter.