Salida and Monarch Getaway

We took advantage of the long weekend for President’s Day and headed down to Salida and Monarch. We stayed two nights at the Loyal Duke Hotel (named after a locally, famous dog) and had a blast. In spite of concerns about the snowy drive we made it there and back again with minimal stress which made the whole trip fairly relaxing and a big contrast to the nightmare traffic we’ve been experiencing on I-70 this winter.

On Saturday we headed out 285 and arrived in Salida in time for a quick lunch. The boys were full of energy and so we braved the cold wind and headed out for a hike. William usually isn’t too excited about hiking but maybe because of having a fun hiking day with friends earlier in the week he was all about leading the way. We hiked the hill above Salida and actually made it to the burial site of Duke the dog and further on and up to the S. Nathanael decided he wasn’t a fan of the wind and told me all about it on our way down but overall we were impressed with the whole family making it up and down such a steep trail.

Sunday was all about the skiing! We were so happy to meet up with friends and William and Joshua were lapping the Caterpillar with Ethan. With some trade offs and help from our friends Dave and I even got in some runs of our own. They have both continued to improve this season and it makes it possible for Dave to take both of them up the big mountain. They think they are big stuff and quite honestly they are often the talk of the slopes as they cruise by carving some nice turns.

The other entertainment for the weekend was the pool and hot tubs. I’m not sure how many times we went in but thanks to swim lessons this winter we all had fun. William is king of the cannon ball, Joshua ruled the hot tub and Nathanael commandeered the ball. What a great mountain get away!