Salida Getaway

Following the Royal Gorge, we made our way to Salida for a long weekend since I had MLK day off this year (instead of President’s day). We recharged at a local restaurant complete with free entertainment from Grandpa due to some hotter than expected wings. Somehow the boys still had energy, so after checking into our vrbo, we took in the local hot-springs, much like an aquatic center but actually the largest indoor hot-springs in Colorado. The next day, it was up to Monarch for skiing. Thanks to fresh snow the previous week, the skiing was quite good. William is all about black diamonds and did an impressive job going down some packed powder moguls off an upper run. After lunch, we explored the mountain some more and escaped another injury free day despite Linnea’s stomach pain and some pretty crazy chair dismounts. On Monday, we decided another ski day would be too much, so we packed up and headed downtown to the playground and river. It was a bit chilly but eventually the sun came out and warmed things up. Somehow, the boys decided to tackle the “S” trail again this year and we actually made it all the way to the very top. I had the pleasure of hiking it twice thanks to losing one of Josh’s gloves on the way down! After that, it was back to the hot-springs before making the drive back to Denver.