Santa Comes to town, Firetruck and All!

Our neighborhood hosted a little Winter Holidays event and it was a big hit. Shout out to West Metro Fire for sending a truck and then sending another when the first had to respond to a call. Both boys were so excited to actually get to sit in the cab and the lights and sirens could not be topped. The firemen were definitely the stars of the show in our book though Santa did make an appearance. What does Will want for Christmas? “one more truck” as he holds up one finger followed by holding up five fingers and him saying, “no, no…this many.” If you ask him what Josh wants for Christmas, “one more boat” also with one finger raised. The weather was great and there was a big turn out and it was so nice to not have to drive anywhere. We’ve also enjoyed some other holiday traditions like making cookies and cinnamon, salt dough ornaments.

And finally the day arrived for a long awaited date! Dave got me tickets to Cirque Musica for my birthday and we were excited to have an evening together. It was fun checking out the Paramount Theater and downtown Denver which is well decorated for the holidays.

Josh is quite the little mover and wants to be in on any kind of action. His current favorite playground activity is sliding down the slide (or stairs) on his belly.




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