Six Shooter and Candy in Hand

Happy Halloween! We had an action packed weekend and William enjoyed almost every second. Friday night we went to “Trunk or Treat” at our church. I managed to pull together decorations for a stream and fishing hole for the truck and William came along as a cowboy. It took some perseverance on Dave’s part but he even had his own six-shooter. William’s highlights of the night (besides a non-stop stream of candy) were the “smoking pots” of dry ice, spider decorations, Lia’s rabbit, and Pastor Dave’s kayak. We had fun taking turns checking out other’s cars and helping the kids go fishing.

On Saturday, after a morning of hard work cutting firewood where all I really did was supervise, we headed around the neighborhood to give Trick or Treating a try. I wasn’t too sure if it was a good idea since William has been going through another attachment phase and is a little reserved in new situations in general. Luckily for us our next door neighbor that has a young grandson was the first stop. She sat down and talked with William for a while and helped him pick out his own candy. That great introduction plus William’s fascination with their black cat decoration set a great tone for the night. After that Will was a pro. He insisted on walking the whole way himself even in those slippery cowboy boots, went right up to each door, and had a blast. He got so into it that he ended up with two chocolate bars in each fist as he marched on that he refused to let go. That kid could out eat a teenager when it comes to chocolate.

We only managed to get one pumpkin carved this year even though we grew five in our garden. All the rest have been turned into puree and are waiting to be baked into goodies, like the pumpkin bars waiting to be cut into this evening. It finally feels like fall around here so its time for enjoying a soak in the hot tub and if it gets as cold as they predict later this week we might even have our first fire of the the season and use some of that wood we cut.

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  • November 3, 2015 at 11:44 am

    What absolutely terrifically fun pictures! I think you should have won the prize for the best decorated trunk! That stream, pond, forest was very impressive. I loved seeing the different expression’s on Will’s face, most of all determination! Best of all was reading about and seeing the joy your son is giving you! Love, Mom M.

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