Spring Shenanigans

It’s been a fun filled April. Besides the bigger events that we’ve posted about we’ve also had lots of days filled with “ordinary” joys like riding bikes, flying kites, going for walks, playing with friends, sandbox and water table investigations, and just goofing around. William and Joshua are starting to really play well together though there is stiff competition for the favorite trucks. William is playing soccer once a week with Mighty Mites of Colorado Rush. He loves his coach and learns more each week. It’s been cold at some of those practices (yesterdays was canceled because of lightning and snow) so he enjoys drinking hot chocolate afterwards.
Joshua is focused on learning how to ride a bike in spite of not walking on his own yet. He knows how to steer his trike and copies Will by getting up speed then lifting his feet to coast which has led to a few epic wipe outs. I think I need to replace his helmet based on number of impact events. He’s getting too big for his current mode of transportation and is in the market for a bigger and better option. 🙂