Still In The Clouds, Six Years Strong

Summer is in full swing and we love to celebrate. The first week in July is a special time of year for us. We celebrate our anniversary, the 4th of July, David’s Birthday and this year we also add in Joshua’s half birthday!

My sister Tirsa was able to join us and we headed out of town for some camping, hiking and fishing. There was bear activity that shut down the campground we were planning on staying at but with some searching we found a dispersed site at Castle Creek just south of Aspen. The area is so beautiful and different from much of Colorado. In spite of wet conditions we enjoyed camping and a hike to Crater Lake by the Maroon Bells. The peaks stayed in the clouds though. William was completely unaffected by the rain and played hard. He loves stomping in puddles. It was a little tougher with Joshua who is quite the wiggly, roller these days but between the large tent and an Aunt around to hold him he also had a good time and continues to shower everyone with smiles.

On our actual anniversary, TC watched the boys while Dave and I attempted Castle and Conundrum. We started later than planned and couldn’t drive as far as we would have liked because of the rain. So it turned into more of a climb than anticipated. The streams were swollen and rushing and about an inch of snow had fallen on the peaks themselves. But, we set a decent pace and pushed on. Part of the morning was beautiful but the clouds moved back in as we hit the ridge and summit push for Castle. We persevered and had the summit to ourselves! Happy 6th Anniversary! So glad to be able to continue our adventures together. This was my first summit since Joshua’s birth and I was so happy to be able to climb with my husband. Unfortunately because of the poor weather, longer hike and my lack of conditioning we decided against trying to bag Conundrum. It will be there another day and we have a lifetime to enjoy the mountain’s beauty as a family.