Summer fun in June

It’s been nonstop summer fun with lots of sunny days and toddler sized adventures. Our backyard is nicely shaded and large enough for hours of fun. I’ve been gardening a bit and the boys love playing in the water. It took a little for them to really figure out the slip and slide but water gun wars are the best! We enjoyed a Youth Jazz concert at the park one evening and spend lots of time just getting out at the local parks and even the outdoor pool nearby. We hiked to Devil’s Head Lookout last weekend. William proved to be a good hiker and even better rock climber. Joshua still watches everything from his perch in the backpack and likes to “walk” Maddy. We were overdue for a good hike and enjoyed the views in spite of some clouds. Everyone managed the stairs up and down from the lookout like champs! The boys were pretty impressed that Grandpa B used to be a fire lookout. This is one of the last active ones in Colorado.