Summer of Fun: Michigan Retirement Trip

We have a little catching up to do with since these pics are from heading to MI for the last week of July. It was a rough road trip but completely worth it to spend time with the whole family celebrating Grandpa Mulder’s Birthday and retirement. We spent a week camping at the Conference grounds enjoying Lake Michigan and playing with cousins. It wasn’t all fun and games with heat, humidity, deflating air mattress and a stomach bug for Linnea but as you can tell from the pictures there were a lot of smiles. William enjoyed the candy store runs, ice cream, endless pitching by Grandpa, trying to ride a scooter, the Sheriff throwing him a frisbee from a boat and swimming. We all enjoyed the beach and heading into Grandhaven. Josh laughed and smiled his way through the week and was only upset when he couldn’t see a friendly face. Believe it or not, the entire Mulder family made it back together again for a very special retirement party thrown by Grandpa Mulder’s boss and co-workers at Gentex.