Summer of Fun: WA Trip

I took the boys to Washington to visit family and friends. We had a great time though traveling with two little boys is no joke. Thankfully everyone (TSA and Delta agents included) was friendly and helpful through the flights and aunts and grandparents are the best! With Rima’s help we even managed to make it to see my grandfather. William is enamored with trucks and had a blast playing with Great Grandma B’s truck and trailer. We enjoyed good meals, nice walks and even spotted some turtles and fish. The time was short but the boys were the hit of the community center. Will was passing out high fives like he’s a millionaire. We also stopped at by to see my great Aunt Pat and Uncle Frank. They hadn’t met the boys yet so it was great to introduce them. Will wanted to make friends with their cats but had to settle for playing with the cat’s toys instead, including their fishing pole.

Back on the west side we got to spend time at The Cabin! The weather wasn’t super but we played in the water anyways. It is so special to be able to pass on traditions like collecting crabs and riding down the ramp into the water. Aunt Rima even got Will to paddle out in the tube for some fun exploring. Several friends were able to join us throughout the time. It was great to caught up and laugh together. Of course no trip to WA is complete without a trip to Seattle, Pikes Place and a ferry ride.

The rest of our time was filled with fun outings with TC and Grandpa and Grandma B. We did the Children’s Museum, Chuck E Cheese and Northwest Trek. Plus there was quality time picking all the fruit that was ripening including blackberries, grapes, plums, pears and apples. William got very comfortable at the Butler farm and marched around like he owned the place. He and Lucy (my sister’s dog) became best buds and he threw the ball for her and they went on little adventures together going far enough that Will got in trouble for wandering too far. I think it brought back lots of memories for my Mom of us doing the same. Josh really began to wiggle and army crawl while we were there and could even rock a little on all fours. He liked trying all the fresh fruit and loves peaches.

We missed Dave and two weeks is a long time to be away from home but it was nice to do so much but still have time to relax and reconnect. I even managed a night away in Oregon seeing friends!

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  • September 30, 2016 at 8:07 am

    Thanks for the great report and fun filled pictures! What a very special two weeks! Love, Mom M.

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