Sundevil’s Soccer Fall 2012

It’s not really fall unless I’m doing something with soccer so I was very excited to join a fellow teacher, Narissa Stahl in coaching a competitive, club soccer team.  A few of the girls to to my high school, George Washington HS, but most are from a variety of schools in the area.  All the girls are juniors and are a great bunch of girls.

We played in two different tournaments as well as a full regular season that went from August through October. We did fairly well score wise but ended up losing the same team in both tournaments and in season play.  Besides that we formed great memories inspite of cold weather and the stress of the school year.  I feel very privileged to have helped them through part of their school year and with learning more about playing soccer.  I always got so wrapped up in practices and games that I forgot to take any more pictures.  So this one at the end of the season celebration is all I managed to get.

I’m glad to have more time in the evening now that practices are done and David is glad we have our weekends back but it was a great season to be a part of.