Telluride Vacation and El Diente Peak

We met Sharon, Kevin, Emily, Megan and Tyler in Telluride on July 15th. As they were driving into town Kevin saw too many good fishing holes along the river so after a quick lunch David and Kevin took off in search of a lunker. Sharon and I decided to take the kids to see Bridal Veil Falls. Due to construction and not being sure how far the mini-van could drive we ended up hiking quite a ways to get to the base of the falls. Emily and Megan were troopers and hiked along while Tyler got the coveted spot in the backpack. The falls were beautiful and Megan is going to be quite a rock climber someday. On the way back to the car we got soaked by a passing afternoon thunderstorm. Luckily a friendly group with a 4wd vehicle took pity on us and gave us a ride down.


Back in Telluride we met up with Dave and Kevin and settled into the condo which had a swimming pool and hot tub! Dinner turned into an adventure as we took the gondola to the upper mountain and looked for our first medal in the treasure hunt set up for us by the Havemans. David and I were really sorry we had missed the Havemans while they were out earlier in the summer but they set up a great scavenger hunt for us to follow that took us to all the must see places in Telluride.

Tuesday turned into a packed day as David and Kevin set out to climb El Diente. It had been unsually wet and rainy but they set out in the darkness of 3:30AM to try and beat the weather. It turned out to be a wet endeavor during the approach but by the time they made it to the serious scrambling the rock was dry. The summit block was shrouded in clouds but they safely made the summit!



While the guys were climbing a 14er, Sharon and I continued the scavenger hunt around Telluride. We ended up riding the gondola again, visiting the nature center, playing at the playground, walking along the creek and in general enjoying exploring the town. Since Dave had both my phone and the camera I don’t have any photos though Sharon got some good ones. In the afternoon Dave was itching to try some of the 4wd roads in the area so he talked Sharon into driving Imogene Pass to Ouray. Emily came along and we enjoyed some great views.


Kevin drove around to meet us and we were all set to enjoy the hotsprings…except the continued stormy weather had other plans. Due to lighting the springs were shut down until the storms passed. Luckily we found a place for a nice, hot dinner and by the time we were done the hotsprings were open again. Everyone relaxed after a busy day and Tyler with his big smiles was the center of attention. Uncle Dave taught him how to splash people and Emily enjoyed swimming all over the pool! Unfortunately the thunderstorms had done more then shut down the pool they had also caused mudslides along the highway back into Telluride so Sharon and Kevin had to wait for the road to open at 1 AM to get back to the condo. Dave wanted to try some 4wd roads to get around the slide but with some good advice from Ron and me claiming I’d get out and walk to find Sharon and Kevin before trying a detour we ended up just finding a pull out and sleeping in the back of the truck.

The next morning we enjoyed a more leisurely pace and went in search of one more location on the Haveman’s scavenger hunt and another falls. The medal was still in its hiding spot and with a little work Megan was able to pull it out. After a short hike we made it up to the falls for a quick photo or two before Dave and I had to leave for the next stage of our 14ers quest.


All in all it was a great visit with the Fikkerts as we explored what Telluride has to offer. Maybe one day all the families could get together here in Colorado for a vacation?