The Big Move

Linnea and I purchased our first house about 2 weeks and we couldn’t be more happy. We are completely moved in already and enjoying exploring all the new trails and area of town. The house is located in the Morrison area, about 15 minutes South of our former residence. There was no wasting time getting out of the Cave, and we rented a trailer 2 days after closing to move our belongings. Thankfully a couple of friends really helped out and we had everything transferred in one day.

Maddy still is figuring everything out. She’s really enjoying the carpet and likes to lay all stretched out in the front room, which is vacant at the moment.

The house is quite a bit bigger than our little basement apartment, and we’ve mainly been living out of the back room while we get situated.

We’re really like the wood fireplace for those cold evenings.

Of course, my favorite part of the house right now is the hot tub. Too bad Linnea can only dip her feet in!

We have some decent views of the foothills and surrounding neighborhood since the house sits up on a little knoll.

There are lots of different trail options nearby. This was one of the factors that drew us to the house. Maddy loves going for walks by the lake. Today after Church we finally made it over to the Bear Creek area. Great biking paths and more trails. We definitely have a lot of exploring to do!

Linnea is doing great through all the busyness and its quite evident the baby is growing just fine. Its hard to believe the due date is only about 2 months away.