Two Years Old!

Happy Birthday to our sweet, funny, energetic Joshua. He loves his big brother William, Dada and Mama and makes us laugh. His favorite things are trains, big horn sheep, climbing on anything, puzzles, baseball and playing chase. He can entertain himself with cars or trains for a long time. He is working hard at learning words but mostly just likes to shout “choo choo.” Joshua is still on the small end of the scale in height and weight in spite of his love for meatballs but makes up for it with his fearlessness. He eats and bats with his left hand but uses both for most other activities.

We celebrate all weekend starting with splashing around at the rec center pool on Friday. Then Dave braved the crowds and took both boys to the opening weekend and rodeo for the National Western Stock Show. The fireworks were a little loud but the cowboys, horses and bulls were sure a hit. Then Sunday was the full dinner, party, cake, and presents. I have fun doing the cake and the boys really like the pinata since its like baseball.

Looking back at pictures from Joshua’s birth and first few months reminds me of how thankful we are to have Joshua and of how much he’s grown. We all love you Joshua!

One thought on “Two Years Old!

  • January 18, 2018 at 6:01 pm

    We love you too, Joshua! Thank you, God, for “growing” him!!! And, thanks for the fun report!
    What fun.
    Love, Grandma M

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