Little William Week One

What a whirl wind of our first week with little William.  He is doing great and changing day to day, opening his eyes more and more, wiggling and stretching his skinny arms and legs.  Linnea is doing great too and making sure the little guy gets plenty to eat.  Sometimes it looks like his stomach will explode.  We are experienced diaper changers now that Grandpa Butler has left and quickly figured out that a blast shield is a prerequisite.   We enjoy all the visitors, especially the help from the Grandparents.  After one week, little Williams has gone to his first church service, barbecue, mini-golfing, soccer-game, and even slept through the crazy-loud happy birthday song at Texas Road House.  Maddy is keeping close and making sure we don’t forget her.  Sleep is hard to come by, especially with thunderstorms and lightning, but we couldn’t be more happy and blessed that our little William is doing so well.